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June 11, 2021by admin_ext

Grief is a “normal” part of life.

Sometimes it’s because of unpredictable change, marriage breakdown or the death of a friend, colleague or family member, it can even be because of the loss of a pet or as most of us like to think of them (our fur babies, feathered friend etc.).

Animals provide us with unconditional love that never fails. Through thick and thin, and without complaint, they stand, (sit or lay) by us.

And for many, our pets give our lives more meaning and create joy for us.

So how long should we grieve?

It depends on the individual. We all have different coping mechanisms and levels of resilience. Grief is something that never goes away….it just gets easier to cope with.

But what can occur when someone has chronic grief – lasting for months, or YEARS.

Not healing can trigger negative behaviours that can be detrimental to our health. We can easily turn to unhealthy habits to shield our pain, such as: Emotional eating, drinking, drugs, and other addictions, and even hoarding.

Other experiences have included: Weight gain, dysfunctional relationships, withdrawal from socialising, self-harm, and self-worth issues.

Why is healing important?

Unhealed emotional wounds can become like a knife to the heart, literally causing pain and heartache. It exists on a visceral level, affecting our energetic bodies and cells which can lead to many diseases such as breast cancer, heart disease and mental anguish. The connection between our emotions, body and mind has been proven to exist….and research shows that many ailments and diseases start at an emotional level.

As someone who has experienced loss at a young age, I understand what emotional pain is about. I lost a best friend at the age of 7, my parents in my 20’s, school friends, colleagues and many pets over the years.

So, you are not alone!

As an NLP Master Practitioner/Therapist and healer, I have helped many clients over the years through coaching, mindset retraining, emotional healing, and wellness.

My expertise is helping put people in a good place so that their losses don’t override their lives. They heal on a deep level.

So, if your grief is getting in the way of you moving on with your life positively, you absolutely need some coaching from me.

I’m here to help you make peace with your loss, get unstuck and live with the memory of your loved one or loved pet with gratitude, appreciation and happy recollections – whilst getting on seamlessly with your life!

Need some support in dealing with grief? Contact me today.


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Copyright by Rosemary Dugan 2020. All rights reserved. Made with (L) by Execute Marketing