More About Rosemary

Rosemary Dugan NLP & Wellness Coach Perth

Welcome to My Story!

Trained in all aspects of dance and entertainment, I played a significant role in the Entertainment Industry on the National and International Circuit and was highly respected for my professionalism, passion, creativity and talent which I now bring to my business – Rosemary Dugan -Re-Shaping Your Life.

In a profession of elite dance and modelling which demands an aesthetic of extreme thinness, I succumbed to food and calorie restrictions, lots of coffee and cigarettes to keep the weight down…and daily monitoring of my weight became the norm.

During my professional life in the dance & entertainment industry, I was continually pressured both mentally and emotionally to lose weight and transform my physique into that of an ‘ideal’ dancer. It was a time of emotional upheaval, disempowerment and worthlessness for me because I had never encountered this experience before.

My self-confidence & self-esteem plummeted.

My fear of food developed and my self-worth took a battering. Constant anxiety about food took over, pushing me into a cycle of yoyo dieting and eating disorders. I became a self-evaluative perfectionist that relied on the need for approval through my appearance and became highly sensitive to what people thought of me.

I had developed what is known as a ‘negative perfectionism’ and significantly ‘low body appreciation’. My weight became my identity and my catalyst to be accepted. Quite simply put… I didn’t feel good enough and felt like crap.

Fast forward years later when I became a fitness professional, I found myself back at square one. Living up to someone else’s interpretation of the ideal body image. Again the emphasis was on superficial elements like weight loss, appearance, performance levels and unhealthy competition between colleagues. People looked healthy externally but masked their emotional and mental issues along with their other unhealthy behaviours. Not cool!

Discovering Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching gave me a new perspective and lease in life which helped me gain back my own identity and self-worth and combat self-destructive patterns and beliefs that kept leading to self-sabotage. This is the exclusive service I now bring to my clients.

I teach clients to exercise for the physiological and functional benefits of longevity and wellness. Integrated with my brain retraining. I help clients become stronger emotionally and mentally by releasing negative patterns and limiting beliefs.

I help clients overcome stress, self-sabotage and emotional issues, teaching healthy eating habits with nutritious food to nurture your body, minus any restrictive diets or feelings of deprivation and hunger. No more guilt, unrealistic goals and unsustainable practices here… Thank you very much!

I won’t turn you into a perfect Instagram supermodel (because they don’t really exist), but I will teach you to embrace yourself and your body through every chapter of the aging process. You will move forward as an authentic, self-assured woman – who exudes confidence, purpose and pride in herself.

This is the backbone of Rosemary Dugan Wellness. This is true health, wellness and balance. This IS Freedom.

If you desire the opportunity to become the best YOU can be, without restrictions, doubt or emotional and mental barriers, join my FB group where we uplift each other, create positivity, balance, laughter and peace in our lives and embrace our unique and beautiful selves.

Allow me to help you start – Shaping your Body, Mind & Life!