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As the Founder of Rosemary Dugan Wellness, I want to share my passion, and holistic wellness, mind and body programs, that are designed to invigorate, inspire, re-train and give you a solid foundation to tackle true health, fitness, and well-being from the inside out. As a leading NLP Mindset Coach, I focus on decreasing stress, initiating self-acceptance, building self- awareness, removing emotional pain, and providing you with strategies and processes to take control of your life by creating new patterns of thought, behaviour, and habits. bring out your confident, radiant, and self- assured persona to change your life, your circumstances, and your future.

Corporate Wellness

Professional Corporate Coaching, Keynote Speaking, and Corporate Wellness Mentoring give your business a leading edge in communication skills, work ethics, and personal and professional development.

Individual Health

Personalized one-one coaching for the individual to overcome barriers to success, achieve goals, improve their overall improvement of health and feel more confident.


As an internationally published author, my books will equip you with the practical tools you need to transform your mind and body so that you can have less stress, have abundant wellness, and live purposefully in her most complete work yet on the vital connection between mind and body health.


As an NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer, and using a collection of tools and techniques, each individual, trainer or organisation can benefit from the following:

•Personal development tools that will create ongoing change and success.

•Enhancing business performance, with improved coaching and communication skills.

•Learn and develop successful techniques to improve your health and well–being.

•Have great relationships and be confident to live your life to the full.

Upcoming Events

Workshops/ seminars/ training events are held regularly to benefit from the practices of health and well-being. 


Join a tribe of powerful and strong individuals in my private Facebook Group. I would love to share my knowledge and useful information that will enlighten and empower you with tools to create a better life.

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